National Tile Contractors Association’s 70th Anniversary

NTCA Turns 70!

The National Tile Contractors Association is celebrating its 70th anniversary in September 2017. The NTCA is a nonprofit trade association dedicated to the professional installation of ceramic tile and natural stone. It is widely recognized as the largest and most respected tile contractors association in the world. The NTCA provides industry support through trade education and training, as well as, service to members with technical assistance and advice.

Memorable Moments Throughout the Years

1950s- The Southern Tile Contractors Association was established and the first director, Homer Panter, was hired. Annual conventions and local zone meetings were held focusing on member growth.

1960s- The association newsletter began (today known as TileLetter magazine), leadership changed, growth continued, and the annual conventions become the industry’s only exposition of tile and stone

1970s- Joe Tarver became the executive director and education became the one of the association’s main components.

1980s- In 1985, the association changed its name to the Association of Tile, Terrazzo, Marble Contractors and Affiliates to make a clear statement that it was a national association, and actually made that official with the National Tile Contractors Association name being approved in 1988. The NTCA Workshop, a traveling educational road show and the NTCA Reference Manual were developed. In 1987, NTCA, along with the Ceramic Tile Distributors Association and the Tile Council of America formed the Tile Expo show, which is now known as Coverings.

1990s- The NTCA was able to grow its influence with support from volunteer leaders and the name of the Tile and Stone Exposition was officially changed to Coverings.

2000s- Bart Bettiga became the NTCA executive director and  additional staff in education, training, and association management were hired. Association volunteer leaders helped the NTCA to grow from 400 members to 1,000 members by the end of the decade. Credentialing and certification became a driving force at the end of the decade. Programs like the Certified Tile Installer program were implemented.

2010s- Since 2010 the Association has experience significant member growth expecting to pass 1,400 members at the end of 2017. Also, the NTCA added annual TRENDS and TECH issues to its 13 annual issues of TileLetter. More programs were developed, such as, The State Ambassador network, The Five Star Program, Apprenticeship Program, and more.

2017- The NTCA celebrates the past 70 years as the leading tile industry association.

Information provided by TileLetter September 2017 issue and the NTCA website