Preparing for Your Tile Selection Visit

For smaller projects, DIYers, or tile only purchases, you are welcome to browse our showroom on your own. Our sales associates can give you pricing and carton quantities. If you need design assistance or an installer for smaller projects, we can give you a list of local designers/installers to assist you.

If you are building or remodeling a home with a builder/contractor:

  • Make an appointment. It is always best to make an appointment to allow a few hours with your sales person. Depending on the size of your project, it can take 2-3 hours to work through all of the rooms in your home during your initial visit.
  • Share your budget with your sales person. That is the best way to save time; by looking at products that are in your price range.
  • Bring pictures and ideas of the look and style you would like to achieve. Also, bring with you any selections you have already made for your home that will help when choosing tile and other flooring materials (items such as paint colors, fabric, countertop, cabinets, and fixture colors).
  • If you have any floor plans or drawings, it is helpful to bring them along with pictures of the space.
  • Bring your builder’s/installer’s/contractor’s information (phone numbers, email addresses, plumbers, electricians, etc.) that we may need for the selection and installation process.

We want your selection and installation process to be smooth, enjoyable, and timely to meet any deadlines set by your contractor.

Thank you,

TileCraft Inc Staff