The LiquiDAM from TEC

The LiquiDAM is a moisture vapor barrier for the installation of floor coverings, tile, stone and concrete toppings. It is a low viscosity, high penetrating, two-part 100% solids epoxy designed to reduce moisture vapor transmission rates from 20 lbs per 1,000 SF per 24 hours to a rate of 3lbs per 1,000 SF per 24 hours from damp concrete and a variety of other substrates. It is specially formulated to be applied to moist or new concrete, as little as 48 hours old. The LiquiDAM is colored blue for visual assurance of coverage during the application process. Only one coat is required to penetrate and fill voids and gaps to fully seal the substrate. And it quickly cures in as little as 5 hours to provide the benefit of same day installation. It is ideal for use with other TEC adhesive, patch, underlayment, leveler and mortar products.

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