Tile Edge Protection – Is It Important?

What is Tile Edge Protection?

Tile Edge Protection is products that cover unfinished edges of tile that may become damaged or cause a tripping hazard. Some examples of edge protection would be bullnose tile, “L”channels or jollys, liner bars, chair rails, etc. Edge profiles do the following:

  • Protect tile edges from chipping.
  • Provide easy transitions between adjacent floor and wall surfaces.
  • Deliver a design element that is often ignored.

Is Tile Edge Protection Important?

If you want your tile design to look flawless for many years, then you will want to protect the edges of your tile. Once chipped or cracked, tile flaws tend to stand out. Having tile edge protection will protect the tiles from damage and create a finished, clean look.

A knowledgeable installer, salesperson, or designer should discuss tile edge protection before installation begins. Many tile collections do not have matching trim or edge pieces, so you will want to find an alternative before installation.

Where Do I Need Tile Edge Protection?

Common areas that will need tile edge protection are:

  • Floor transitions from tile to carpet or tile to hardwood.
  • Shower jambs or shower walls where the tile ends.
  • Edges around a recess or niche.
  • Unfinished edges of a backsplash.
  • Wherever you will see an unfinished tile edge (walls, trim, decoration, etc).

Excerpts taken from TileLetter December 2017