Cheers to the New Year and Hot Trends!

Tile is a popular flooring choice due to its durability and longevity. Here is a glimpse at some of the trends you can expect to see in 2012.

Clean Monochromatic Looks – The use of clean, minimalist graphics without a lot of movement will continue to be a staple of modern design. In addition, you will see additional use of fabric-like textures that mimic patterns of linen, silk and tweed. Neutral black, white and gray palettes will also become increasingly popular, especially when paired with bold accent colors.

Splashes of Glass and Metal – In 2012, expect to see designs that use glass or metal accents in backsplashes, showers or floors to create upscale spaces with added charm. This mixing of mediums is becoming more popular as a way to add aesthetic value to product quality.

Traditional Classics – Classic, timeless products and colors will remain most appealing to the residential market. Look for subtle uses of color, such as a color accent in a backsplash or in a shower design. You’ll also see more classic, realistic, stone looks, including travertine and slate.

Varying Sizes – Rectangular tile for both floor and wall applications will continue to be popular. Specifically, linear sizes that mimic the look of wood. In addition, large and small tile will be used together increasingly, for an innovative approach that can create the illusion of more expansive space.

Dimensionality – Textured dimensionality is a trend you’ll be seeing more frequently, especially with stone. Mosaics and wall tiles create visual relief as they utilize highs and low